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About Us

Love Story Cakes is an online dessert vendor specializing in wedding and custom cakes and desserts. We strive to make your special day and event the best it can be by putting love, quality, and experience into everything we make. Dessert is not just a sweet ending to a meal, it's also edible works of art that can make your event even more memorable! 

About the Owner

Katie has loved baking and decorating ever since she was little. Her passion for desserts led her to go to pastry school at Johnson and Wales University. She went on to get a Bachelor's of Science degree in Baking and Pastry Arts. She's worked in various commercial bakeries over the years and has won several awards for her decorated cakes.  She promises to strive and make your special day and event the absolute best it can be and more!

Katie is a Food Service Manager and works under the Cottage Food Law of Minnesota.

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