About Ellen

"Passion" describes Ellen Carlson, founder of Love Story Cakes. This Minnesota based wedding vendor offers cake products and services for happy couples all over the twin cities. Ellen is passionate about cakes and delivering amazing flavor, passionate about creating edible art and passionate about working with engaged couples!

Working one day a week at a local family owned bakery with a renowned five-generation reputation sparked the concept of launching her own small batch food business. While working at the bakery, Ellen learned a tremendous amount about baking for the public and about efficient processes for handling, preparing, baking, packaging and storing food. Ellen explains, "The practice of safe food handling has to be unfailing, one hundred percent of the time. Every action I take needs to be founded in safety and safe food delivery. Maybe it comes from a quarter century of working in banking. In banking you're constantly faced with regulations and laws, policies and practices that govern every action to put the customer first. It was a natural fit to continue that mindset into my part-time job at the bakery and now into my wedding cake business. I am very used to being responsible for knowing the exact regulation and understanding why it exists. I have held insurance and securities licenses and am currently certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP); all of which are regulated and have continuing education requirements. I am proud of the laws Minnesota has in place to register and regulate Food Producers."

Ellen is a National Restaurant Association Certified Food Protection Manager.

Quality and flavor are two distinctions Ellen calls out about her products. In preparation f or starting her business, she has been growing the number of people who have sampled her cake products into the hundreds over recent years. She likens the reactions she gets to a home run, exclaiming, "I love creating quality products and flavor combinations that are just like hitting one over the fence! You know when you see the faces of the people enjoying your cake that you have created something amazing and enjoyable!"